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Afrotrade-provide useful information for those looking to promote their products and services in the emerging markets of Africa. Trade Fairs in Africa. Afrotrade aims to support an Africa Rising and to empower African people by giving access to independent, trustworthy and relevant national, regional and international news, business, culture, sport, sci-tech stories.
Find Exporters and Suppliers from Dubai. Dubai has developed more than 20 "free zones" to attract foreign investment, with benefits including full foreign ownership, 100% repatriation, zero import-export taxes, and more.
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Medical and Hospital Suppliers in Africa
Building Material Suppliers In Africa - Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, News & Exhibitions Architecture, Bathroom Fittings & Accessories, Cladding, Construction, Construction Equipment, Fenestration, Floorings, Furniture & Architectural Hardware, MEP Services, Plumbing Systems, Sanitaryware, Technologyon
Directory of Automotive Spare Parts & Accessories Suppliers In Africa - Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, News & Exhibitions, Events and Trade Fairs. All related to cars, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, mopeds and scooters, and any other motorised road vehicles , Powertrains, chassis, body parts, interiors, accessories, and modification are all catered for.
Directory of Oil and Gas, Power & Energy Projects, Equipment Suppliers In Africa - Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, News, Exhibitions Oil, Gas, Gas Technologies, Refining & Petrochemicals, Power, Surface Engineering & Corrosion Control, Inland Waterways, Shipping, Marine, Ports, Pumps, Valves, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Analytical Instruments, Logistics, Batteries, Solar Power Equipment, Wind Power Equipment, Hydro Power Equipment
Directory of Food, Packaging & Hospitality Products, Equipment & Machinery Suppliers In Africa - Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, News & Exhibitions Farm Management, Milking Machine & Other Technologies, Animal Health & Nutrition, Feed & Allied Technology, Processing Equipment, Packaging Equipment & Material, Quality testing, Printing & Coding, Refrigeration Technology, Automation, Energy Generation & Allied Technology, Waste Management System, Powder making, Liquid Processing, Packaging Equipment & Material, Quality Testing, Food Processing, Food Logistics, Refrigeration & Allied Technology
Directory of all kinds of Products, Equipment & Machinery Suppliers In Africa - Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana News, Exhibitions, Events & Trade Fairs
Africa Facts & Figures, News, Exhibitions, Events & Trade Fairs
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Kenya country information, figures, news and events. Bisected horizontally by the Equator and vertically by longitude 38` E, Kenya is bordered to the north by South Sudan and Ethiopia, to the east by Somalia and the Indian Ocean, to the south by Tanzania, and to the west by Lake Victoria and Uganda.
Information on African countries, maps, news and exhibitions
Stand designers, booth construction in Kenya, Tanzania & Ethiopia
Organizers & promoters Of Trade Fairs in Kenya and other East African Countries
Promoters and organizers of trade fairs in Africa
List of trade fairs in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda Expogroup Events are responsible for one of the largest portfolios of exhibitions across the East African market covering industries such as Auto-parts, Medical, Food and Beverage and Beauty. Hosting over 500 exhibitors and 10,000 attendees annually.
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Business Trade fairs. As an exhibitor, it's your job to be the face of the brand. You don't want to come off as cold, off-putting, neglectful or unfriendly, do you? Try warm selling instead of cold selling. Better engage customers by smiling at them, being animated and approachable, and conversing instead of pitching. Attempt to meet people who will let you follow-up with them in the future. Once a relationship is established, you've created a warm prospect, meaning someone with whom you've had prior contact. If you meet a prospect at an industry event, for example, and he asks you to email him to set up an appointment, that would be considered a warm relationship. The stronger the connection between yourself and the prospect, the more likely a sale will take place.
Trade Events by Expogroup
Information On Trade Fairs & Exhibitions. how do you find information on trade shows that might be a good fit for your organization? There are a few places you should begin your search. These include: Industry publications, Industry associations and other membership organizations
Trade fairs worldwide. Depending on the show you're appearing at, the organizers may give you access to a list of attendees you can communicate with. You can reach the people on this list by sending emails leading up to the show, advertising giveaways at your booth or promoting after-show events you'll be hosting.
Online Media and Promotion of Events. With just a name, you can connect with prospects on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. Building your online network is just as important as building your physical one. With the power of social media, you can blast out messages to your entire network or get in touch with select individuals that you didn't have enough time to converse with at the show.
Exhibition Calendar Of leading trade fairs worldwide. You can also rely on your immediate network, asking your customers, suppliers, distributors and partners what shows they attend and which are worth exhibiting at. Feedback like this is invaluable and will help you choose the right trade show.
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Trade fair Organizers in Africa. Trade shows can be an effective way for small businesses to publicise their brand, connect with their target audience in person, and generate leads to grow
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Upcoming prime international trade exhibitions on : Automotives & Spare Parts, Building & Construction, Food & Agriculture Hospitality,
Prime international trade exhibitions on Building & Construction, Food & Agriculture Hospitality, Auto
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Browse events and trade fairs. You need to impress visitors with an eye-catching booth design that piques their interest. Building your brand at a trade show starts with how your booth looks and whether it draws in visitors or not. The customer's senses should be heightened when they visit your booth. Use videos, audio, posters and banners tastefully, as you don't want to overwhelm the consumer with too much. There should be nothing that repels the visitor; present confidently and make sure every object within the booth area serves a purpose.
B2B trade exhibitions and fairs. When preparing your trade show marketing materials, define your goals, objectives and timelines upfront to develop, rehearse and fine-tune your whole presentation. Your exhibit's theme should fit in within the event, while your booth should be professionally designed, attractive, functional and unique.
B2B trade shows worldwide. Companies from all different types of industries are taking advantage of the many benefits of trade show marketing. And there's no shortage of ways to make an impact.
Website Developers In India. How many prospects did you end up capturing and converting? Were the costs associated with participating in the trade show worth the revenue you gained? Compare that to other marketing/advertising campaigns you're currently running - how does it hold up?
Information on business events worldwide. As a manufacturer, you have a lot to consider when it comes to picking a trade show that's right for your organization. Will the time and effort (not to mention costs) of exhibiting pay off in the form of new leads or customers? Who should you promote your appearance to and how can you ensure your booth stands out from your competitors? Look no further. This guide will talk you through this process and help you promote and create an exhibit that funnels new leads into your business. Read on to learn more!
Promotion of Exhibitions is our business. We are Corporate Event Planners and one of the Best Event Management Company with our services available globally. Our forte lies in delivering cutting edge, innovative and professional event management services. We are a bunch of fun loving, energetic and passionate people working towards the common goal of providing exceptional services. From inspirational ideas to stunning productions, strong themes and creative programs, we do everything to create memorable experiences and branding opportunities that exceed customer expectations. We take pride in presenting ourselves as one of the best in the industry.
Trade Fairs In africa. Setting up your trade show marketing campaign can be done in a series of four phases, each with individual steps. If you're ready to participate in a trade show, use the following steps to put together your campaign.
Promotion of new markets, trade fairs and exhibitions. There are several solid options for advertising your trade show. For example, you could rent out a half- or whole-page ad in an industry trade publication offering a discounted rate. Or you could get on Google and try targeting some specific conference-related search queries
List of trade fairs and exhibitions. Understanding your target audience is paramount to the development of your trade show marketing plan. Conduct in-depth research into the key demographics, personalities, characteristics and lifestyles of your target market. How can you build event marketing materials that speak to this audience as you move forward?
List of trade fairs and exhibitions in Africa
Global Business fairs. When preparing for a show, there are a number of moving parts that need to work together to create a successful presentation. Preparing your team well in advance is imperative to your success. Here are the steps to make sure that you have everything in order.
Business events in Kenya, Tanzania. Use information gathered from past shows that you've attended. Analyze sales leads, conversions and costs to understand which medium of marketing was most effective. Also, ask for an analysis of the trade show layout or floorplan to decide which areas contain the highest possibility for traffic.
Trade Exhibitions & Fairs, Planning checklist, Decide the budget, Define the event objectives, Decide on the format and theme, Develop a program, Create a guest list
Business information, trade opportunities at exhibitions. As trade shows continue to evolve into fully-immersive experiences, the marketing strategies used to engage consumers are evolving with them.
Exhibitions and international trade information. Free to list your events on our marketplace. Add relevant details and define the sponsor you are looking for. You can actively seek for sponsors or just put your word out and let sponsors contact you.
Exhibitions in Africa. Direct access to the target group allows exhibitors to increase the on-site traffic with engaging advertising possibilities.
Export Trade fairs. Offer an innovative communication channel, attract more exhibitors and generate a new revenue stream.
Internnational Trade Exhibitions In East Africa Organizers Of Trade fairs in Africa
Web development, Online Media, SEO in India. Digitize your trade fair or trade show by offering your exhibitors an innovative digital channel to reach your attendees.
Business events in African countries. Pioneers in the industry, we promote trade fairs, offer Stalls Designing & Fabrication such as Exhibition Stall Fabrication, Exhibition Stall Designing, Trade Fair Stall Management
Business Opportunities in Africa, Trade fairs & Events. Whether you are organizing a trade fair, exhibition, roadshow or an expo - we have the perfect solution for you. Connect your exhibitors with your attendees
Information on trade fairs worldwide. Before launching anything, run a cost-benefit analysis of the whole trade show. This will address any major gaps within your plan and let you distribute resources appropriately. Analyze the goal, budget, proposed theme, logistics and competitor's resources. Compare that to the beneficial outcomes of success, or the cost of floundering in failure.
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